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Do you have a leak? If so, why not call and organise for Ace Pipe Locating to come out to your property and carry out a pipe location to ensure any repairs are made with minimal disruption to your property or landscapes.

We service all of the Sydney Metro Area, Central Coast & Wollongong regions.

Our services.

& Trace

Find pipes, cables and services underground before you dig.


Find concealed leaks and save valuable time and money.


Carry out repairs to live pipework with mimal disruption


We can locate and clear blockages in your line

Locate & Trace

Ace Pipe Location promotes safety first, so if there is digging to be done….call us and ensure that you know what is underground before you start.

Our locators have over 15 years experience and are fully accredited to carry out your locating requirements with all the latest equipment to help make your site safe by locating all conduit services and mains. Including locating and tracing any electrical, water, telecommunications and gas lines.

Water leaks in walls, under floors and concrete slabs can be hard to find and can do costly damage to your property and water bills. Using Ace Pipe Locating’s experienced locators for the detection of your leak will save you valuable time and money.

If you are losing water and have no idea where it is coming from, Ace Pipe Locating will come out and accurately locate the area of the leak, ensuring the repairs can be carried out with minimal fuss and disruption to your property.

Leak detection using a nitrogen gas, is the most accurate and quantifiable method available. Making finding that difficult leak easier without damaging surroundings.

Leak Detection

Pipe Freezing

We provide a fast and effective pipe freezing service to all trades in a water based industry.Pipe Freezing allows for repairs or modifications to live pipework with a minimum of disruption.

Ace Pipe Locating use liquid nitrogen to Freeze the pipework which stops the flow of water where no valves are available to shut off the water for repairs, inspections or emergency work. This is a safe and effective way to get your pipes fixed in no time at all.

The CCTV drain camera inspection locates blocked sewer drains and it is done by inserting a camera into the drain. You can clearly see the problems inside the drain as it shows clear images of what may be causing blockage issues inside that drain line.  This allows you to see what is happening to the pipework underground.

Take out the guess work! Plumbing pipework for storm water or sewer can be found anywhere on your property by inserting a radio transmitter through the drainage pipe. It can then be easily traced by the specialized locator using a hand held receiver which provides both audible and visual indicators.

CCTV Camera

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